Welcome to the world of Project X.

Project X was founded in 2017 by Lawyer Marian Tudor in America. Following the developments in crypto currency markets for many years, Marian Tudor has brought a team of trade professionals accompanied with his years of experience to develop ProjectX.

Our Vision

Creating alternative products in crypto currency world, the fastest growing technology of today and tomorrow, to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

Our Mission

Project X intends to generate highest profitability in trading crypto currency markets by integrating PROBOT® developed by it's highest level continuing R&D team. PROBOT by Project X aims to be the most preferred roBOT in crypto currency world with constantly updated market analysis and continues support by experienced traders.


Project X proudly presents a sophisticated technology enabling you, ordinary users, to trade crypto currencies while traveling, sleeping or simply performing your daily activities as usual independently from any person or institution. Our software PROBOT®, with it's continuously developing capabilities and support, will work for you 7/24 to increase your profitability and efficiency even if you don't have any trading experience in crypto currency world.


PROBOT® can be used to trade in any integrated crypto currency markets.

PROBOT works with selected coins in integrated coin exchanges.

Probot starts trading to maximize your earnings in selected coin exchanges with one click.

PROBOT provides independence from computers and traders.

Trade with PROBOT independently 7/24.

PROBOT is improved, upgraded continuously and developed it's infrastructure to operate in new coin exchanges.

Probot provides life-time licencing.


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How Does Probot Work?

The user interface has been designed so simple that the PROBOT can easily be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge.

001 coins 1
Select Crypto Currency Exchange Market

Load your wallet with bitcoin by logging into your Exchange Market.

002 api
Receive Api info

Write down your api key and secret information from your Exchange Market personal settings.

004 artificial intelligence
Enter requested information to your Probot software

Enter the related information in PROBOT dashboard

003 coins
Start Earning

Start Probot auto trade. Start Earning

Currency Buy Price Bought Time Sell Price Sell Time Total Time Total Rate % Exchange
BTC - BCPT 0.00008789 22/02/2018 19:09 0.00009149 22/02/2018 19:36 00:27:39 4.1 Bittrex
BTC - WAX 0.00002937 22/02/2018 13:47 0.00002997 22/02/2018 15:43 01:55:31 2.04 Bittrex
BTC - VEE 0.00000626 22/02/2018 12:54 0.00000635 22/02/2018 13:03 00:09:30 1.44 Bittrex
BTC - GEO 0.00026294 21/02/2018 09:13 0.00026832 21/02/2018 09:22 00:09:26 2.05 Bittrex
BTC - SRN 0.00008427 18/02/2018 17:33 0.00008609 19/02/2018 05:04 11:30:28 2.16 Bittrex
BTC - BCY 0.00006199 15/02/2018 14:41 0.00006262 15/02/2018 14:58 00:17:00 1.02 Poloniex
BTC - WAVES 0.00071509 15/02/2018 05:38 0.00073039 15/02/2018 08:55 03:17:03 2.14 Bittrex
BTC - XVC 0.00005048 13/02/2018 21:06 0.00005084 13/02/2018 21:11 00:04:37 0.71 Poloniex
BTC - PDC 0.00001069 13/02/2018 18:46 0.00001158 13/02/2018 20:09 01:22:21 8.33 Bittrex
BTC - RIC 0.00002170 12/02/2018 23:30 0.00002215 12/02/2018 23:33 00:03:24 2.07 Poloniex
Total number of users
Supported Coins

Entry and Pricing

In order to be a Probot user, an existing user must be a reference to you. By purchasing probot's lifetime license package, you are entitled to have automatic trading, in command trading, 24/7 service support and lifetime updates.

005 coins
Unlimited Buying and Selling
003 license
Life-time Licencing
004 support
7/24 Technical Support
002 automatic flash
Fully Automated Trading
001 stop
Stop Loss()
0.1215 (1000$)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions here. If your problem is not answered here, please send us your problem with the form below.

You can start with any amount suitable for you. Your earnings will vary depending on the amount you start with.

Depending on coins you choose or trading with very low volumes may result loosing your money. However, PROBOT will help you to be safe in trading.

No system can promise any ratios on your trading activities. While there is a chance to double your amount in trading over night, other way around is also possible.

No. PROBOT's improved technology works on cloud based servers, therefore, having your computer or cell phone on during the trading activities makes no difference.

No. Probot with it's special algorithm, enables many people perform trading activities at the same time yielding higher volatility.

We are in business of developing new tech products and marketing. We also desire to make more money just like you.

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